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Tap into the US or UK markets by offering content in English

As a medical or healthcare company, having your content and marketing materials readily available in English can be a great way of appealing to your current and prospective clients. Particularly seeing as English is the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated 1.5 billion speakers*. That’s where I come in – I render your original texts into clear, concise English. Not only does having your content translated give you an advantage over your competitors, it also makes your company more accessible to a global population. * This includes both native speakers and people who speak English as a second language
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Proven expertise in medical and pharmaceutical translation

With five years’ experience as a professional translator, I feel confident in my ability to deliver top-notch language solutions that meet your needs. I have a solid understanding of the medical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries and have built up a great deal of knowledge within these fields. In addition, I keep on top of industry developments and up to date with sector-specific terminology.