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My areas of expertise include:

– Public health
– Immunology
– Dermatology
– Mental health
– Neurology
– Oncology
– Respiratory medicine
– Gastroenterology

I can translate your:

– Admission and discharge reports
– Patient questionnaires
– Medical training courses
– Health campaign materials
– Journal articles
– Hospital brochures
– Surgical notes
– Company newsletters
– Marketing materials
– Presentations

Some of my recent projects in this field include:

– In-house project at AGFA Healthcare, Belgium, translating manuals for the use of clinical information systems (36,000 words)

– Editing of a journal article on the role of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the evaluation of focal liver lesions (15,000 words)

– Translation of Spanish-language book Mi Mente es mi Enemigo, written by David Ruipérez and Lorena L. Lobo. A mixture of patient testimonials and medical information on various mental health issues, from depression and trichotillomania to bipolar disorder (28,000 words)

– Translation of medical training course documentation: cerebral palsy in children (13,000 words)

– Proofreading of clinical case reports on diffuse systemic sclerosis (10,000 words)

– Translation of a presentation containing highlights from the World Cancer Congress (6,000 words)

– Editing of a risk management dossier on breast implant surgery (24,000 words)

– Translation of a medical journal article on DRESS syndrome (4,000 words)

– Transcription of medical market research interviews (9 hours)