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Leave your content in capable hands

Whether it’s a health campaign that needs localising, surgical notes that need to be rendered into accurate English, or pharmaceutical packaging that needs to represent your brand on the UK market, every translation I do receives star treatment.



Ensure your message resonates with your target readership

With subjects as sensitive as medicine and pharmaceuticals, having a clear, error-free text is crucial. Cohesion, terminology, precision and readability are all checked during this all-important stage.



Make a great first impression with a finely-tuned text

Proofreading involves correcting minor errors and inconsistencies in grammar, syntax and spelling. This vital stage in the translation process ensures that your content is clear and polished before publication. I also offer proofreading for English language documents such as journal articles, when a fresh pair of eyes is needed.



Have your audio files accurately documented

For healthcare providers, the importance of accurate medical documentation cannot be emphasised enough. Whether you need a written record of patient interviews or medical market research, I’d be happy to help.

If you would like more information about the areas I work in, please consult the Specialist fields page.