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Why work with me?

Qualifications and memberships:

I have an MA in Technical and Specialised Translation from the University of Westminster, in London. I am also an Associate Member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting). On a more local level, I am a committee member of the London Regional Group of the ITI. We work to give translators and interpreters an opportunity to meet others, learn new skills, share experiences and keep on top of industry developments.


I know that errors in translation can have disastrous effects, especially when dealing with subjects as serious as medical and pharmaceutical translation. For this reason, I only take on jobs where I am 100% comfortable with the subject matter and I am confident I can do an outstanding job. With the jobs I do take on, I pay close attention to detail, research all terminology thoroughly, and proofread all my own work, ensuring that I provide an accurate and cohesive translation.

The freelancer advantage:

Being a freelancer offers various advantages to individuals and businesses looking to have documents translated. Some of these include, being able to work evenings and weekends if necessary, being able to respond to emails promptly and out of hours and having a personal touch. In addition, you can communicate directly with just one person (that’s me)! I will be the one managing the project, translating the text and liaising with you. So you don’t have to deal with the hassle of going through several different people.

I get to know my clients’ projects inside out, which is a particularly rewarding aspect of my work. It also means that I can deliver consistent translations. Over time, I build up client-specific glossaries where I can keep track of recurring terminology, company-specific vocabulary and in-house style preferences.


I am constantly striving to become more knowledgeable in my specialist fields. I attend as many translation and language-related events as possible, which gives me an opportunity to network with colleagues and specialists, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. I have listed some of the events, conferences and courses I have recently attended below:

Courses and events:

Pharmaguide course: How the Drug Discovery Industry Works, Cambridge CPhI exhibition (Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Paris Medical translation conference, Freiburg Medical English seminar, Lyon Pharmapack conference, Paris

Clinical Trials and Parkinson’s – what does it take to find a cure? The Royal Institution, London


Unpicking an SmPC Pharmacodynamics and Physiological Effects of Drug Classes Commonly Studied during Clinical Trials Specialising in Medical Translation Medical Translation- Healthcare and Health Insurance EMA templates and EU terminology

The Business School for Translators course