Project management: English to French translation of recommendations for the G7


Bond is a UK network for organisations working in international development, uniting the sector to drive global change. Together with its partner networks, Bond drafted this report to call on the UK to use its G7 leadership to take and promote specific actions towards building a better world. It outlines priority areas to be addressed such as health, the environment, education and conflict prevention.


This is the full version of the report, entitled ‘A transformative agenda for the G7: Recommendations from UK civil society’, alongside its French translation.


As a lengthy and detailed report designed to encourage global action, the text’s style and tone of voice was particularly important to preserve. Another challenge was the numerous references provided in the document, some of which had French equivalents, and others which didn’t.


For this project I worked with an experienced French translator specialised in international development. I took a hands-on approach to project management, liaising with the translator and the client to ensure the French version reflected their style preferences and the tone of the original text. 

We also worked together to come up with the best solution for the text’s many references to external articles and documents, replacing English texts with their French equivalents where available, or adding a French translation in brackets where no equivalent was available. This meant that nobody reading the French translation would miss out on any information included in the original, and could get the gist of the article referenced straight away.

Claire is a great asset to any project.
RR Donnelly