About me

Hi, I’m Claire Harmer.

I manage Harmer Translations, a London-based language services company specialising in medicine, public health and pharmaceuticals. 

I founded Harmer Translations in 2012, bringing together a decade of freelance translation and editing expertise with project management experience at one of the largest language service providers worldwide (RWS Group) to offer my clients a range of services for their language projects, including:

  • French and Spanish into English (UK and US) healthcare translation
  • editing and proofreading of original English-language texts or English translations
  • project management for translation work in a range of language combinations

Dedicated to medicine and healthcare

I specialise in translating and editing for the healthcare sector. With qualifications in both translation and global health, years of experience and participation in training courses, I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in the fields of medicine, public health and pharmaceuticals. I’ve also worked on a range of text types specific to these areas, from medical journal articles to health campaigns, and policy papers to patient information leaflets.

To maintain and build on my knowledge in these specialist areas and hone my translation and editing skills, I undertake regular training activities and am part of several professional associations, including the European Medical Writers Association, the Society of Authors, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, and MedNet (a network for translators specialised in medicine).

When you work with me,

you benefit from:

Clear, accurate, polished medical texts you can trust

Up-to-date knowledge of terminology and regulatory issues

Strict confidentiality

Compelling, culturally relevant texts adapted to the audience, whether that’s the general public, patients or healthcare professionals

On-time delivery, swift responses and an approachable attitude

We relied on Claire for expansion into French to English clinical translation, which she delivered upon very well.
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